Week 12

I have begun to crochet the final octopus. I have decided not to use the X stitch, as the presentation is happening soon and it looks OK without it. I have also recorded some footage for the video. I really hope that I don’t run out of yarn, as the final octopus is a lot bigger than I was originally planning for it to be. However, I can probably buy more or use a different colour.

Week 11

The ball of yarn is finally starting to look like it could be an octopus, so that’s good. There is a problem, though; I don’t know what kind of tentacles to crochet. I tried 3 different types. This is what they look like.

I think I’ll probably use the rounder one, as it’s not too time consuming and fits the style I’m going for.

I have emailed “River City Yarns” to see if they could help. They have emailed back and sent some of their YouTube video links to help.


Week 10 + Checking The Plan


I think that I’m staying on the right track for the plan. However, I do need to hurry up with the presentation, which I haven’t started yet. For the octopus, I have made and stuffed the head, and I will start the tentacles next week. It became a lot less bumpy after I flipped it inside out and stuffed it.

This Wednesday, I wrote and sent an email to the Little Blue Fibre Studio. This was their response:

I will probably go to Crafter Dark and see if anyone can help with cross stitches.


Week 9

Today I crocheted the other side of the ball closed. It turned out very lumpy and uneven, but I think it could smoothen out after it’s filled with stuffing.

Next week I’ll practice this and stuff it.


Week 7

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

This week I researched some local businesses that might be able to help me with crocheting. I have four on the list right now, so hopefully at least one of them will.

Also, I practiced crocheting with the thicker yarn.


Week 6

Hi! This week was probably the most difficult week so far. I tried crocheting with a different type of yarn. The yarn is a lot thicker, so it’s hard to see where I should be making the stitches. However, this is the kind of yarn that I want to use for the octopus, so I think that I should keep trying.

Thanks for reading!

Week 5

Hello! There isn’t much to report this week. I learned how to tie off a crochet piece, and I also kind of forgot how to do a cross stitch. However, forgetting how to do do a stitch is something that I was anticipating since the beginning. I think that part of it might just be leaving an unfinished stitch, then forgetting what part I was supposed to do next.

Anyways, here is a picture of the cross stitch in better lighting, after I tied it off.

Thanks for reading!

Week 4

Welcome back to my blog! This week, I learned how to crochet a new stitch. It’s called a “cross stitch” or an “X stitch”.

It might be a little bit hard to tell in the pictures, but I messed up the stitch. For the first few rows, I accidentally did it wrong. I didn’t realize it until later, though. I changed the direction I pulled the yarn in, and the stitch started looking the way it was supposed to.

According to the internet, cross stitches are the most commonly used stitch for amigurumi (crocheted plushies). It can only be crocheted in the round, which means that it has to be made as a tube.

Thanks for reading!

Week 3

I crocheted 2 more squares this week. I think that there is some improvement from the first square. I tried it on a different type of yarn that was slightly thicker, which made less gaps in the square. The pattern is more defined, and the edges are straighter.

The first square is the one made with the thicker yarn.

Overall, I think that they look much better than the square from Week 2, but I still have a lot to learn.

Next week, I will attempt a different stitch.